Scotland based artist craftsman Grant Birse creates a unique range of
turned and hand carved works of Islamic Art.
His work encompasses traditional decorative and calligraphic arts with a
contemporary flavour in his use of exquisite pieces of rare and highly
figured hardwoods.
Grant is a self taught craftsman who began his working life in
Forestry as a woodcutter, his creativity found its first outlet when he was
introduced to Woodturning in which he quickly excelled, he started teaching and demonstrating
locally and was instrumental in helping set-up and establish a center for the promotion
and creative use of sustainably managed Scottish Hardwoods through a co-operative workshop
for aspiring Designer Makers of fine furniture.
His fine furniture work is well known and appreciated in Scotland,
he exhibited in the Royal Scottish Academy for the Visual Arts Scotland
annual show in 1998, 99 & 2000,
and The Royal Museum, Design Icons of 20th Century exhibition 2001.
His work has been commissioned by the National Trust Scotland, the Royal
Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, St. Marys Cathedral Glasgow and the Royal Museum Edinburgh.
Grant has always had a deep interest in Islamic Art which is apparent in
some of his early speculative furniture and turned work which often
included delicate geometric inlay and carving details. His work and life
changed direction in the early 2000's beginning with a more formal
approach to his Islamic aspirations, he spent time studying and visiting
historical sites of Islamic Art including Isfahan and the Holy shrines in Qom,
Tehran and Mashad, the old city of Fez and Meknes in Morocco, The
Alhambra Palace in Grenada and Mecca and Madina in Saudi Arabia.
Currently Grant has completed a range of around 20 new works, with many
more planned and in process, he now hopes to exhibit and promote these
unique contemplative artworks in the hope that buyers and appreciators
will connect with the quality, beauty and spiritual intention of the work.