Welcome to the Artwork in Wood website, a showcase of new and original work from
artist craftsman Grant Birse. The work shown is primarily Modern Decorative Islamic Art,
traditionally hand carved in a variety of select Scottish hardwoods.

My work is inspired by traditional decorative Islamic Art and sacred Quranic calligraphy,
creating a range of turned and carved forms in figured hardwoods that reveal a unique and
inner beauty appropriate to present the carved decorative and calligraphic designs symbolising and proclaiming the Divine.
These works are intended as contemplative artworks, whether it is the beauty in itself,
the composition or the words chosen, every created thing when viewed with a seeking eye
reveals something of its origin.
The traditional working practices employed in producing these works are an intrinsic part of
and a reflection of my own journey and the realisation of
Islam and the reality of the Divine.

All the new works shown here are available for purchase and can be securely shipped worldwide, prices available on request.
Individual commission work is welcomed, as is larger scale and on-site works,
please get in touch with any requests or for further details.
Services offered: Letter Cutting/ Carving, Fine Furniture making, Wood Turning, Cabinetmaking,
Restoration/ Conservation and Custom Carpentry.
Artwork in Wood is regularly updated with new work, please bookmark and check back.